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hopper8 Feb 28, 2007 10:49 AM

Does anyone know of any probs buying a camera from the states ?
the camera i am looking at is approx £80 cheaper in the states ?

JimC Feb 28, 2007 11:23 AM

Yes, no warranty.

When you buy a camera that's not intended for sale in the country you live in, you usually can't get it fixed by the manufacturer.

The regional distributors (Olympus America, Olympus Europe, Olympus Canada, etc.,) don't make a profit on the cameras if you bypass their distribution network. So, they'll likely refuse to service them to discourage the practice of gray market imports.

See the section on Gray Market Cameras on this page. I've seen similar notices posted on other Olympus sites before (this one was just the first Olympus site I found with a Google search for gray market).

An excerpt:


Olympus offers only a Limited Warranty for the nation of distribution.
You'd have to ask them if they'd service it if you were willing to pay for the service. I don't know what the Olympus policy in Europe is on that. Some manufacturers will refuse to service a gray market camera, even if you are willing to pay them for the service (Nikon has this policy).

In addition to service headaches, you may end up with customs/tax issues on products imported from outside of your country if the package is intercepted. You'd have to check the laws in your area to find out.

The included accessories may also be different (i.e., charger cord designed for U.S. 110 volt outlets), and video output may be incompatible.

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