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Default battery life on D-40 zoom

does anyone know the life expectancy of standard alkaline batteries on a D-40 zoom??? I used the battery pack that came with the camera and it seemed to last quite a while but when I replaced it with alkaline batteries, they seemed to drain like crazy...

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That's the cost of digital cameras...especially those with mechanical optics (esp. if you use the zoom a lot) and if you use the large LCD screen often. The battery pack that came with the camera is lithium based rather than alkaline, and that's what makes it last a LOT longer than standard batteries...also a lot more expensive.

What many digital camera users do is buy rechargeable Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydrade) batteries instead (1600MAh and up is best, and don't mix them with other types, even higher or lower Ni-Mh MAh batteries). They're expensive in the beginning, but they're rechargeable 500 times and up, and also give a lot more power than alkaline (also more than standard Ni-Cd rechargeables).
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It's not just the D-40Z. Newer digital devices require more current than older devices. Don't be surprised if using regular alkalines your batteries get eaten in under an hour.

Your choices are:
  1. Invest in Duracell (might as well, with the money it costs to buy alkaline batteries for digital cameras)
  2. Buy the new Energizer Lithium batteries which cost a bit more than regular alkalines but last a bit longer (probably a day), but still end up in a landfill at the end of the day.
  3. {Recommended} Invest in 4 NiMH batteries and charger. The D-40Z uses 2 batteries, so when you charge 4, you always have a spare. They are good for 500-1000 recharges, and work out to be more cost effective than alkalines or non-rechargeable lithiums.

Everyone will recommend the Maha MH-C20 charger, so check it out. This set includes 4 NiMH batteries and a charger. It's a favorite of most reviewers and camera owners. If not you can always opt for the Olympus charger and batteries (about the same price).
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