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TriciaH Sep 9, 2005 9:39 PM

Have had my camera for almost two years. I use rechargeable batteries. Have never had a problem - till last week. Took outdoor pictures and had no difficulties. Went indoors and it won't take any pictures. First the flash indicator on the screen was flashing red. Book says that is low batteries. Ok changed them. Still flashing and cannot get pictures off the card. Now there are two flashing lights on the side of the viewfinder which the book attributes to exhausted batteries. I can understand this, except I trickle charged the batteries for 24 hours, and the camera opened, and I offloaded all the pictures. The flash indicator on the screen is no longer flashing red, but I still have those two blasted flashing lights on the side of the viewfinder. As long as they are flashing no pictures can be taken.

I tried all three sets of batteries. I can see one going bad, but all three at the exact same time?

Any ideas on what else I can try? I am really lost without the camera! I know it isn't a fancy one, but it works for me! Or it did :(

Tricia in Texas

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