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Default Best C400Z Image Setting for 8x10's?

I realize this is a little subjective but I'm hoping that some of you guys have done this research already so I don't have to waste too much ink in my photo printer.

I'm going on my first week long vacation with my new C400Z in April and I'm trying to determine the amount of storage I need to bring with me. Actually, I'm trying to determine if I need to buy an X-Drive type device or if 3 or 4 Smart Media cards will suffice. Most of the pics will be posted to the web when I get home but I'm sure I'll be making prints as well. None of them should be too much larger than 8x10 with alot of 4x6's.

Which image setting should I shoot in? SHQ 3:2 allows me to store only 50 shots/card whereas HQ 3:2 give me 3x as many. Is there a noticeable difference in 8x10 prints with these different compression settings? I doubt I'll be taking any TIFF's since the time required to write the images to disk is a little excessive. I know that less compression & high resolution is always preferrable for good prints but I don't really want to break the bank with storage either.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


PS - Frankly, an image storage device without some kind of preview or confirmation makes me a little nervous although I have had one corrupted Smart Media card in the past.
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i allways use the shq 3:2 on mine just to be on the safe side and have the least compression at this setting it says it holds 50 pics but ive found it to actually hold about 70 when ive printed pics using both hq and shq i only notice a difference in quality if i have done alot if cropping if you dont crop a whole lot and you are worried about disk space use the hq you wont notice a difference in 4x6 prints and probably wont notice much in an 8x10 hope that helps practice yourself before you go on vacation take the same picture at each setting and print them at the biggest print size you would normally do have fun on vaca
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I had the same question when I first got my camera, so I compared a portrait printed at SHQ vs HQ. There is a very slight difference in 8x10's printed at SHQ and HQ. If you put them side by side and look closely, the SHQ is slightly sharper. If you were to ask anyone how the HQ print looked without having the SHQ print to compare it to, they'd say it looked GREAT!

My personal opinion is that it isn't worth sacrificing the additional media space to shoot in SHQ as opposed to HQ mode. For that reason, I leave my camera set to HQ all the time.
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I did some tests last night by shooting the same subject as a TIFF, and as an SQ and HQ jpeg. I couldn't really tell much of a difference between SQ and HQ.

In the end, I think that I will buy the portable hard disk solution just to be on the safe side. I have a 6gb notebook hard drive that I can put into an Image Tank or X-Drive which equates to 48, 128 mb memory cards.

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