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Default Big SP570 UZ problem

Hi to all,

I'm very disappointed, my SP570 UZ does not work any more.
To be more specific it works, that is it can open and close but I can't take any picture because all I see is white when I aim outdoors. When I aim inside I can see the subjects but with a pinky 'filter' all over.
It only take affordable pictures when you shoot indoor with flash.
I have reset it to the original settings but nothing happened.
I took it to a photographer store and they told me that it has a very serious sensor problem and there is nothing I can do than dispose it...
Any suggestions?
Any help?
Any ideas?
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I have not heard of that particular problem before and so I'm not sure what is causing it. I have some doubts that it is just a senor problem, as the camera works with flash indoors. It seems to me if it was a senor problem, the sensor would not work with a flash shot either. You were correct to do a hard reset to the factory settings, but if that did not work there is definitely a problem, could be software or sensor, or a combination.

You should call Olympus and talk with a tech rep to see if they have had the problem before, and the estimated cost to fix it. Weigh that cost against the cost of a used SP570. A used SP570 is running between $120 to $150 on E-bay and Amazon.

Also, if I remember correctly, the SP570 has manual exposure controls in addition to the default automatic settings. Have you tried taking some shots in manual mode to see if you have the same exposure problems as the automatic mode?
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I think I have tried everything at any mode but I will give it a try again just in case...
I talked with Olympus and they ask for 200 euros, very very expensive...
So I think I will go for a used one or perhaps a new one !
But again I think it is a pity to dispose it like that!
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