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Nickagain Jan 17, 2004 9:22 PM

Blob in shot
I have read of missing pixels on the oly C750, and have seen some noise and bright spots when taking slow shutter, dark, scenes.

I also posted here about light bleed at the top left hand corner of the shot, in certain circumstances.

I now have another problem. I took a daytime shot of the moon, amd next to the moon, after I had upped the contrast a bit, was a circular blob on the screen. I wondered about some sort of lens aberration, causing an "echo" but trials removed this idea. I also cleaned the lens.

I have not pointed the camera at the sun, unless the sensor is exposed all the time and I have done it while simply carrying it.

In a shot that I took some ten days later, I noticed a smudged, greyed area on the shot, among trees, but only on areas with no detail at all. It is quite noticeable, appearing like tree shadow, but whose shape makes no sense. it exaclty lines up with the blob on the sky shot.

On other shots, I have found this same blob. It is faint in some, and needs a lot of enhancement to show. but it is there, and in the one shot that has trees, quite spoils the shot.

Has anyone else noticed such artifacts on the screen using an Oly C750? I am going back with the camera, but if there are other reports of this, then I may alter my approach.

This is a tough one. I did not actually notice the effect on the tree photo, because I was working on the picture as a work. My wife looked at it and said "those tree shadows look peculiar", and there we had it. I twigged and lined it up with the blob on the daytime moonshot. So it needs a featureless, probably non-white background, at the spot where the problem appears. It probably also needs a bit of extra contrast, and playing with brightness. But this is what digital photos are all about! <G>

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