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Default Blue cast with C3040z

I have been using my new 3040z for a couple of days now and I have noticed something that I wanted to ask the forum about.

When I select incandescent white balance and take a flash photo (indoors with all incandescent lighting), the results have a VERY blue cast. White looks Blue! With the white balance set to Auto, the results are more normal, but have the usual yellow/red hue. When I use the manual white balance, the results are also blueish, but not as bad. Without the flash, the photos look very natural.
Has anyone else come across this problem? I'm wondering if there is a problem with the camera (which is brand new by the way).
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This seems to be a problem of mixed lightsources. You are not setting up your camera right!

if you shoot flash indoor - use your cameras flashsettings - NOT the incandescent - this will produce blue shots.

The autosetting is not bulletproof on any camera! And with mixed lightsources you can easily get a yellow/red hue.

Manual whitebalance has to be metered correctly. You obvious did do this right. You have you use a "gray card" to get it right. This can take some time to learn.

To me, this is no problem with your camera - but you have to learn a bit about whitebalance and colortemperature to get a better understanding of this issue. No offense!

You can read a bit about this in the website below this text if you please.

Good luck.
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I concur with Klaus. I had the 3040Z and you just need to practice with the camera to tinker with the white balance.
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The second post hits the nail on the head and I can elaborate.
For color balanced images in incandescent light you have two choices:

1.) Set WB to Sunny Daylight and let the flash fire as it would normally.

2.) Leave the WB on auto or set to incandescent and put an 85b gel filter over the flash. This will convert the flash output to incandescent color.
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