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Default buffer vs rez

my 5050 has a handy feature that shows me the buffer filling up as i shoot continuously on hi-speed continuous mode.
Here is where i am confused: the buffer is a certain size (30mgs in the 5050 i heard) and it does shoot 4 shots at 2560X1920 hi-rez ; so far so good. Then it goes on to only shoot 4 shots at 1024X768 at low rez.
Shouldn't the buffer be able to handle more smaller filles before filing up?
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The C-2100 camera has that feature as well, and in drive mode I can fill up the buffer with alot of pictures when using a lower image quality. I am not sure if and why oly would change how it works on the 5050. Did you only change the image size, or did you lower the quality as well?
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That's because in the 5050, as in the E-10 and E-20, the camera first captures every frame as a raw format, which doesn't change whether you chose a different resolution or compression ammount, the raw file is always captured at maximum resolution w/o compression. After it's stored temporarily in the buffer the camera electronics convert the raw file to a an image of the size and compression the user specifies, and from there it's sent off to the memory card. I'm not familiar with the way the C-2100 handles files internally, but I wish Oly would've allowed for a greater burst depth with lower resolutions.
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Old Dec 6, 2002, 12:04 PM   #4
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well what do you know...thanks marokero. This does really limit the use of the hi speed shoooting though.
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