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Scheki Apr 25, 2004 5:02 AM

Which to buy: Oly 5060 or 8080 for casual AND UW photos??
I own a Ricoh i500 and I am fed up with the slow speed and bad flash light. As I am diving I am searching for a good quality digi-cam, but I am surely no Pro but pure amateur.
I read so many good things about the 5060, so I decided to buy that one and when I yesterday went to a shop I found the 8080.
My question is: Do I see any differences in the images by quality?? I am also interessted in fast speed of taking the image (not like my Ricoh) and the possibilty to buy a UW case for a reasonable price.

As the 5060 isnīt what I call a small camera I am actually thinking that the 8080 might be the better choice.
Oh, I wonīt be going to have photos larger the A4.
Thank you very much in advance.

wiste Apr 27, 2004 2:16 PM

i chose the 8080
I bought the 8080 because of the reviews and people on forums telling me it had a really fast startup and shot to shot

From what I gathered talking to people, both cameras work about the same.

So far I love mine, easy to run. I have to hold the camera steady though, compared to my powershot where I missed a lot of shots waiting for the camera to be ready indoors.

but you could pose this question at this forum, because there are about 4 or 5 , 5060 users, some 5050 users and a few 8080 users that talk everyday and would answer your questions
After making lists of what other on the forum told me i made a chart, its here:

its a great way to find out what the cameras do for each kind of shot before you buy it

NO RED EYES on the 8080....well, maybe a dot, but no completely washed out red eyes like i had on my powershot 70. so actaully i paid the extra 300.00 for the no red eyes and the fast startup. Only you can decide if its worth it.
I got some advice on how to take low light photos without blur from the forums too.

DCNEWBIE on this forum also tried out a few shots for me and helped me a lot with the decision.....ask them about shots that you need to be taking. My photos are of kids moving indoors and low light church and gyms etc.....outdoors kids too

good luck with your decision

PhilD Apr 28, 2004 5:03 PM

I have a C8080, and even though I too never print larger than A4 the images I get are far crisper & sharper than from my Sony DSCP92 (5 Megapixel and famous for sharp, detailed images). I've also owned other 5MP cameras (Canon S50 most recently) and the 8080 produces better images at A4 & also at 6x4 which is what I print most often. So if you can afford it go for the 8080. The images are outstanding - it isn't light though.

Scheki Apr 28, 2004 5:47 PM

So you two think buying the 8080 is worth the price difference.
I am amazed that I should get better image quality at 6x4 printouts because of the higher MP.

Is this realy because of the 3 million extra-pixels or because of the different lenses?

You mentioned the size: Do you have a 5060 AND 8080 and find yourself taking the 5060 for a casual occasion because it is "smaller"?? Besides the price I am realy worried about the size and weight because I think that the 5060 is already "big". My old Ricoh i500 is reasonable big and always fitted inside of the pockets of my trekking trousers. This wonīt happen to any of the OLys.

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