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janus Jul 14, 2002 8:52 PM

To buy ore not to buy > Olympus 2500L
In Europe I can buy the Olympus 2500L
for 510$..whit a USB card reader
I now it was a good Camera,
but being almost 3 years old
maks me wonder, if I am not better of
whit a new Camera.

I am going to do a lot of indoors Portrait
I will be glad for a little advice..
Jan. Denmark
ps: looks like no one is writing about the Olympus 2500L any more..

atroup Sep 7, 2002 5:37 AM

I had a C-2500L which has just been stolen. It was a wonderful camera, and very suitable for indoors portraiture, as long as you don't expect any pop-up flash to provide usable lighting- it's just too close to the axis of the lens.
Not so good for catching fast action, even little kids, because of timelag, although not as bad as many consumer digitals.

Resolution is only one aspect- it's like talking about the grain size of film- but even in regard to film that is only one factor, and below a certain size, not the most important. Colour accuracy and dynamic range and lens quality are very important, and the C2500 was and is good value in these areas.

The viewfinder was far better than and LCD display on more modern cameras at anything like the price you quote.

Hope this helps

Andrew Troup

Skiola Sep 7, 2002 12:54 PM

I don't have a 2500L, but I have used many Olympus models, back to the D600L, a 1MP SLR. I now have a C3000z and a C4040z. I still have access to the older models, so I can compare in real time. These are just random thoughts.... The D600L image is sharp and clear. Nothing beats a true SLR. (Forget those damn EVF's!) I read the 2500L review last year when I was shopping for a digital, and I remember the part about turning off the sharpening, and using software unsharp mask instead. I have started doing that even with my C4040z. I often crop images before printing, and can get a good Epson 780 inkjet 8x10 from as little as 150DPI. Just like with color TV, the biggest improvements over the years have been "features", not image quality. So there are things about the 2500L that may concern you, such as just two apertures. I could probably live with it. When the older Olympus SLR were new, digicams were all terribly expensive to begin with, so there was less cost-cutting. Older models get dropped because of production costs, competition, and marketing trends. They are not necessarily "obsolete". I could go on and on, but I would offer one caution: make sure the one you buy has an Olympus warranty for your country. I would definitely not buy any digicam, old or new, without it.

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