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spookymark Apr 15, 2004 1:40 AM

C-2100 & LCD display question
The problem (at least I think it is a problem) I am having is that unless I am outside & during the day light the LCD displays everything in RED, now, if I change the WB to the correct lighting type as opposed to AUTo I can not use flash since then all pictured come out BLUE, if I dont use the flash then everything is ok, if I leave the WB set to AUTO & the LCD shows everything in red & I use the FLASH to take the picture then everything is ok with the picture.
What is causing this? could it be a camera problem or something I am not doing right?


steve Apr 15, 2004 12:36 PM

It's time for a trip to the repair center, sorry :cry:


spookymark Apr 15, 2004 1:17 PM

Thank you for your reply, I am going to call Olympus & see if my camera is still under warrenty (if I remember correctly there was extended warrenty purchased for it)
Also, what could be causing this problem?

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