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Default c-2100 and multi metering

Please help me how to use this feature correctly and in what kind of situations.

Does it really affect the outcome of the pictuer if one sets 9 individual marks?

Or is it recommended just to set 2 or 3 marks.

Some guidance will be very much appreciated.
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Spot metering sets the exposure of the camera on what you put the "square" on. The exposure for everything outside the square is adjusted up or down without regard to what's right-- all that is guaranteed is that what's in the square is properly exposed.

Multi-metering is the same, except that the metering is averaged for all of the squares selected, still ignoring exposure of anything outside the squares. It takes a while to set this up, so you probably wouldn't be using this for anything other than when using a tripod or in a studio.

Example: two or more widely separated subjects that are strongly backlit. Put a square on each of the subjects you want properly exposed, and the exposure will be set solely on the multiple spots selected.

I have only experimented with it enough to understand that it's too involved for most casual photos. Try it a few times so you know how to use it and what to expect, then use iESP or Spot to see if you can achieve the same results. If you can't, then you know how to set up and use multi-metering.
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