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Default C-4000 Enlarge Size Feature

The manual for the C-4000 states:

"When ENLARGE SIZE is selected...the actual 4 million pixels used by this camera can be increased as if they were approx. 8 (3200x2400) million pixles.

This does not make any sense to me. Can someone please explain to me what is going on here and if ENLARGE SIZE is in fact something I should use when taking pictures that I intend to print at 11x14 or larger?
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This has nothing to do with image quality. Some printers work best with a certain minimum number of pixels per inch. (Or some people think they do.) This just provides an image of such density without the need to resize at the computer. It also fills up the memory card very quickly. Ignore it.
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What it's (probably) doing is interpolating the image to double the resolution...the same thing scanners do and photo software does to increase resolution beyond the optical capability...similar to the quality of optical zoom vs digital zoom. Personally, I'd always want an unaltered image from the camera (so I have the equivalent of a "film negative")...once the image has been altered in camera, you can't get back what the camera originally saw. However, if you take a plain shot with no image altering settings, you can still alter the image in the computer but you always have the original image to fall back on!
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One advantage of the built-in big file is that (as I understand) it's generated directly from the CCD before other in-camera processing. Can be useful for large prints, and, for some kinds of shots, downsizing one of these big files back to native resolution actually produces a better result than starting with the 4 MP file. It makes some things worse and some better. Worth experimenting with.
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