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Default C-50 and the new 512 xd..

As we know, US olympus are offering free, (if u buy the 512 card), firmware upgrade for 512xd support. #

I emailed olympus here in UK, and was told outright that the C-50 won't take the new card. I emailed back with the information above, but no reply yet.

Does anyone else think it's unacceptable that a camera that made a big deal out of the xd format, (even stating IN THE BOX that the xd cards will go up to 8 gig) doesn't support it. Yes mistakes are made and the firmware will be there, but a charge unless you spend MORE money on olympus!?!? I think that is un-accpetable! And why can't you flash upgrade it yourself?

What's your views guys?

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All those original colonists can't be wrong-emmigrate!

Seriously, all manufacturers seem to do different things in different markets. Before the internet, we never knew. I saw a post here the other day about an offer only good in Canada. There is no explaining the mind(?) of marketing gurus.
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They *SHOULD* have a free firmware upgrade to make use of larger cards. It's not like computers where they were limited by the current technology (i.e. hard drive limits, 2gig and then 8gig, etc.). xD was supposed to have an 8gig limit from the start, so the hardware should support it.

As I've written before, Oly is funny about firmware...they force you to send the camera in to have it done and charge you for it (unlike other manufacturers which offer it free online), but they don't acknowledge the existance of firmware upgrades.
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Whilst I am very pleased with the camera, this may be the last Olympus product I buy.

I am due to take a trip to New York for a week soon; are there any service centers that could do it whilst I waited there that anyone knows of???

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