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agiaccio Jul 5, 2003 7:14 AM

C-5050Z - Software v558-78
After LOTS of research, I finally purchased the C-5050Z yesterday. I took a few pics with default settings and I am already impressed! I am new to all this (photography field - digital and film) and would like some help. My digicam came with software v78. What settings would you recommend for Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation? Also, if printing up to 8x10, is there a difference between HQ and SHQ? HELP! :?:

jawz Jul 5, 2003 11:00 AM


Also, if printing up to 8x10, is there a difference between HQ and SHQ? HELP!
At 8x10 full frame (i.e., not much cropping) you probably won't see a difference.

I use (mostly) SHQ since memory is cheap and sometimes in post processing I find a neat cropped picture 'hiding' in the original image (also I'm starting with only a 3MPx image).

The C3020 limits certain drive modes when in SHQ such as 'Bracketing'. The c5050 may not impose this sort of limitation--best to check the manual.

Mike_PEAT Jul 5, 2003 11:03 AM

The settings for sharpness/contrast/saturation are personal taste, and there's no specific setting, just like there's no specific length that defines a piece of string.

I leave mine as neutral so that in case it overdoes it, it won't ruin the picture...I can always teak it on the computer after anyway.

As for the HQ/SHQ thing, most people can't tell the difference with the extra JPEG compression at the same resolution...using HQ would mean you could get more pictures on a card (and your hard drive and CDR later). You may want to use HQ for most things and then SHQ for the important pictures.

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