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longwave Feb 25, 2004 11:01 PM

C-5060 first impressions
Okay folks here is a quickie impression of the Olympus c-5060wz.

Opened the box yesterday and was surprised at the size of this camera. Reviewers to date have stated that this Oly is larger than most of it's competitors. Larger? I don't know about you but I'm six feet tall (average) with normal sized hands. My first thought handling this camera was...if it was any smaller where would I rest my fingers without accidentally tripping a function button. Nothing is more frustrating than having your creative flair interrupted by worrying about an unwanted camera adjustment. The camera size to me is just right.

Another immediate impression was the size of the cd manual. Two hundred and thirty nine pages! Was the manual writer paid by the word or page!? Holy learning curve Batman.

Fortunately the c-5060 takes GREAT pictures on full auto. I can relax and learn the functions I like to use as I need them. The strength of this camera is it's configurability so I guess we can't kick about all those features and the required reading to learn there use.

Having previous experience with a digital camera (Fuji finepix 2300) albeit one with very few features and no zoom I found most of the Oly's buttons easy to figure out with a minimum of reading. I like the build quality and the feel of the camera in hand.

One weakness of the c-5060 is the video mode. Sure it has 640x480 but at only 15 fps...most cameras of this vintage (late 2003) have 30 fps and the difference is VERY noticeable.

The saving grace however is the cameras sharp 2.8 lens. Now 2.8 isn't fast even by Oly's previous standard of f1.8 (found on the previous model!) but you DO gain a real wide angle 27mm equiv. (35mm slr).

The dual mode auto-focus is FAST even in low light, a complaint that 5050 owners brought to light (no pun intended) and to Olympus's credit they fixed the problem with the 5060. I also like the dual memory card option, heck you can even have them both mounted at the same time! Choice is a good thing and Olympus gives you so much of that in this camera that even the most avid shutterbug will get all warm and fuzzy delving into the configurability of the c-5060.

As I get more familiar and comfortable with this latest compact gem from Olympus I'll post more impressions....whether you like it or not! :D

maury Feb 25, 2004 11:35 PM

Welcome to the fold ; )
I've been very pleased with the 5060 also. I owned the 2040 and 3040 before and still found the 5060 to provide a bit of a learning curve.
I may be able to play with the 8080 soon. I looked at it at PMA and found it larger than what I'd consider comfortable to carry daily, but given the opportunity to try it out for a bit I can't say no.
It's hard to imagine almost twice the resolution. I imagine at ISO 400 I may appreciate this.
All in all I'm loving the 5060. I purchased a 740UZ as a long-zoom companion and the shift back to 3.2 mp is more noticeable than I expected.
My guess is that the next wave of evolution in digital will be to larger sensor size or a foveon type sensor with enhanced color response.

longwave Mar 2, 2004 11:53 PM

Hello Maury:

Thanks for the welcome. Glad you are liking your C-5060 as well.

The pressure was on for me after only 2! days owning the camera. My (soon to be) father-in-law retired after 35 yrs on the job and asked me to be the still photographer for his retirement party. In total I took 92 pics of his relatives & friends. Arranged them using ACDsee v 6.0 and burned them to a cd for him. He is very pleased and I am very relieved!

Cheers for now.

wiste Mar 25, 2004 1:45 PM

glad you like it...
for you who have the 5060:

do you have any trouble with the camera TAKING THE SHOT immediately if you've helf the shutter half way down? I dont want another camera that does that, no matter what the cost.

I am considering a 5060 cause i loved my 2020 as far as taking in low light situations

are there any focus problems? I read someone was having trouble with that
and does it take FAST even in darker places or places with a big contrast of bright lights and dark room, etc?

red eyes?

washed out close ups?

i loved my 2020, but it did have red eyes, washed out closeups, but WONDERFUL far away flash photos.....
my canon power shot 70 is SLOW to take phtoos if the lighting is difficult or darker , it cant seem to dicide what to focus on

so when i buy this time, i'd like to GET AWAY from that problem esp, and maybe the other two also

thanks !!!

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