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Originally Posted by Greenwood
A word of warning - I bought the 5060 and a month later almost all functions stopped working with the exception of the shutter release and flash, effectively rentering the camera a very expensive point-and-shoot. The camera is currently being sent back to Olympus, as there is no local rep in my area, and it will be at least two weeks before I hear a reply.
A common problem addressed by a number of users in some photography forums. Apparently, the first few batches of 5060 have had some problems which originated from the control dial. This should be easily fixed by the local agent. Those who bought from the later batches do not faces such problem. I have mine for a month and have taken hundreds of pictures without any problem.
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Default How do I like it

so far its been a week and I love the camera. We purchased a developers kit from Olympus. My husband is a computer program so we are going to be writing software that will serve the olympus owners. If there is anything specific you would like to see in this program, please post and I will add it to our growing list.
Thanks Jeanette
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I've had my C5060 since November and really enjoy it. Early reviews were good, the latest are all excellent. Low light performance seems to be an issue for some folks, but I haven;t noticed the problem but I've also added an external flash. I use a mono or tripod almost always which may help. Bottom line is the picture quality which is supurb. I strongly recommend using a card reader instead of connecting the camera to the computer. Before doing that, the camera locked up a couple of times, requiring me to dump the battery with the camera ON. Decided to get a reader so I don't jeopardize the camera. Not sure what you mean by "contol the camera with the computer" I may be able to help if you can clarify.....
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I've had my 5060 since the middle of March and am still quite pleased. I use the optical viewfinder quite a bit. Once you get used to adjusting for the difference in picture area and parallax on near shots, it is easy to use. I generally keep the lcd in the off mode, but with the screen viewable, when using the viewfinder. When I'm going to take a series of shots, I check the LCD after the shotthe first time, just to make sure the shot is framed properly, then I just go for it.
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A superb camera. Any beginner can use it on auto, but when you get to using aperture or shutter priority you'll love it even more. Quick warm up, but don't count on taking action shots, the shutter delay like most point and press cameras is horrendous. However, overall the camera excels. Personnaly I love the LCD, clear and informative and tells you exactly what the resultant picture will be unlike the viewfinder which crops the image. A neat trick is the reversible screen, keeping it free from damage when not in use. The attached was taken on aperture priority at F2.8 and I let the camera do the rest. This is the low res version, but the high res even up to A4 print size is amazing in it's clarity and detail. Go for it, buy a 256 mb card, because once you get to use it, you'll fill it on a good day!
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