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Default C-740 Setting to take a 4x6 at 300 dpi?

:?: Just got my first digital camera a C-740, I am dying to start experimenting with it, but would like your help to get started. What would be the best setting to shoot pictures at a good resolution. I would like to end up with a 4x6 at 300 dpi res, so that I can get good prints out of them.
Any other tips will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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At that size 2mp will give you 300ish ppi

4x6=about 5x5

Sqr root 2.1million = 1450

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I'm a bit confused my the question and the answer actually...
Why don't you shoot at the highest or second highest resolution and then shrink it in Photoshop or some other program.
I say this because you never know when you'll want to blow a pic up into an 8x10 or bigger and if you take the pic at a low resolution you won't have good results.
I always shoot in SHQ with my C-750 just in case.It helps to have a big memory card for this but to me its worth it.
Oh course if you have absolutely no plans to ever blow a picture up then i suppose go with a lower res.
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I apologize for not being clear. Steve, I am sorry but I do not understand your reply.
I would like to take the "lowest" resolution picture that will give me a good print at size : 4x6. Without having to resize in Photoshop. In other words when I open the image in Photoshop if the image is 4x6 I want it to be 300 Pixels/inch ( I wrote 300 dpi by mistake on my original post).
Thanks for the replies!
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2mp would be close to your cameras 1600x1200 resoluton setting. If you wanted 4x6" picture at around 300dpi use that resolution at least.

I agree with slickShooter however. I always try and shoot at the max resolution of the camera and SHQ jpg if im away from home for a long period and have a decent number of picture to take, and recently started using the tiff setting for my landscape shots.

My personal belief, somewhat from past experience is not to limit the size of the resolution you use to take the pictures with because you never know when you might wish to get larger prints or crop the picture. Thats where the extra resolution will come into play! I had a friend who I took a couple pictures of about 6 hours after she had her son and she wanted me to get an 8x10 done up of one of the picture for her. Unforunately I took the picture at 1024x768 so it didn't turn out with the same quality look the 4x6 had.

Of cource, if you are storage limited meaning you currently only have say the 16mb card the camera came with then its understandable. :P
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