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Default c-740 threads?

Does anyone know the exact size (mm) of the camera's lens threads? Trying to find a camera for a friend. I own a c-2100 with a lens thread of 49mm. All you have to do is just screw on filters, etc. No adapters needed. I usually keep a uv filter on to prevent "scratching of the lens". So, is the camera capible of that without adapters? Does this camera have threads? If so, what size?
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Like the other C-7x0 cameras the 740 DOESN'T have any threads on the lens...the threads are on the camera body where the lens comes out. I haven't seen anything that says which filter tube the 740 uses, but someone talking about an Oly teleconverter says it said in the blurb for the teleconverter that the 740/750 requires the CLA-4 to use the teleconverter which is the same filter tube as the other C-7x0 cameras use...sorry I can't offer a direct answer; if you already own the 740 suggest you read the reference manual that's on the CD that came with the camera and it should mention the tube.

Note that most C-7x0 users find filter tubes a good thing in that it protects the whole lens assembly from getting bumped...some C-7x0 users have had their lenses bumped, knocking them out of alignment (causing the gears not to mesh)...in most cases a bump in the opposite direction knocked the lens back into alignment. Previous C-7x0 cameras have suffered from flash shadow with the tube on, but with the 740 the flash has been redesigned.

If the C-740 is the same thread as the other C-7x0's, you should be able to use any of the clones that are available for the C-7x0 like 52mm, 46mm, and 37mm (the Oly CLA-4 is 55mm).

BTW, the thread on the C-7x0 camera body is 45.6mm (that's not a typo).

- Check out the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oly_C-700/ All C-7x0 users welcome.
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Go to this link for the adapter tubes at www.2filters.com


Mike has already stated that the thread size at the camera is 45.6 mm.
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:roll: Camper;
Yes in deed, the CLA-4 is the correct adapter tube for the C-740 (C-750 also). You can verify this and other accessory compatibilites at;

Have A Superdandy Day!
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