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barnum Aug 26, 2003 8:31 AM

c 750
I have been researching for my first digital camera purchase and I believe I have settled on the Olympus C750
I was hoping that some current users of this model or even C740 users could give me some feedback .
the other model I was considering was the Nikon 5700 or even waiting for the release of the dig rebel
My questions would be
4 vs 5 mp?? any sig difference
camera shake with no image stabilization?
any other pros or cons with the c750

lg Aug 26, 2003 8:52 AM

Neither of the two cameras you mentioned have image stabilization. The last ones made by Olympus were the C-2100 and E-100RS. However, I would be very tempted to buy the C-750 as a replacement for my camera if I were in the market. Aside from the image stabilization, the two items I would miss would be a 1.8" LCD and the lack of a focus assist lamp. Two very big pluses for the 750 are 4MP resolution on a 10x optical zoom camera, and the inclusion of a hot shoe on the camera for external flash.

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