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allanmarcus Aug 21, 2003 11:25 PM

C-750 or HP 945?
I've decided my Fuji S602 is too big, so I'm looking at an Oly c-750. I like the larger lens, 4MP resolution, however...

The HP 945 is getting in the way of my purchase? The HP has a Fuji lens (good), 5MP resoltuion, but only an 8X lens. The Oly has only 4MP resolution, but has a 10 X lens, is smaller (10 oz. vs. 17 oz), and seems to have more features. The HP has an auto-assist focus lamp, which the Oly lacks.

Of course if my Fuji is too big, then the HP is also too too big. The AI folcus and the 5MP just keep me wondering which to get.

So, what do i get?



cope Aug 22, 2003 8:24 PM

You've almost answered your own question. Too big is too big, no matter how many mexapixels you have. You will not notice, or miss, the difference in 4 and 5 megapixels. Get the 750.

Mike_PEAT Aug 22, 2003 10:22 PM

A camera has to feel right in your hands, plus if it's too big you won't take it with you. I'm a C-700 user who owned an SLR before, but even though at first I didn't think much of the C-700's smaller size, I like it now and find the E-20 I was looking at far too large.

I know many C-7x0 and C-2100 (and other 4 digit C-series) users get a smaller D-series for portability.

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