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Old Dec 19, 2003, 3:39 PM   #1
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Default C-750 lost photos!

Purchased my c-750 in August. Have used with no problem until this week. Took some photos & all that showed up on card in camera & computer later was the first photo. Then used card again and all was fine. Still concerned about the card; so I used another card for my daughter's birthday party. Only picture that showed the next day was the first picture!!! Due to hectic nature of the party I did not view the other photos during the party. I have since taken more test pictures and all seems fine. Any ideas on what is going on?
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Old Dec 30, 2003, 7:32 AM   #2
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Hi! Sorry but I didn't understood your problem - may be I'm not alone. Can you define in more exact way your trouble?

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Old Dec 30, 2003, 7:35 AM   #3
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I would start by formatting the cards in the camera.
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Old Dec 30, 2003, 11:34 AM   #4
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Default Only my 1st photo was saved?

I had taken about 20 or so pictures on the 2 occasions (on 2 separate cards) when I had this problem. both times when I went to download the pictures to my computer only the 1st picture taken was on the card. When I put the card back in the camera it also only showed the 1st picture. Unfortunately, I did not preview the pictures during my photo taking sessions. I had been experimenting with the sequential shooting mode the first time this happened. Is there more to the sequential shooting than the camera instructions states? It seems weird that the first picture turns out fine but the rest have disappeared. So far it has not happened again.

Thanks for trying to help me out.
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Old Jan 2, 2004, 11:17 AM   #5
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Default Also losing pictures off Fuji Xd card in C750

I have had what sounds like same problem twice now. First time, I put it down to fluke/operator error, but it has just happened again.

I had 2 shots on a 256MB Fuji card, took about 20 more today (which I previewed in camera no problem).
I put the card into my reader (mediaGear 7-in-1) and I see only the original 2 shots.

I am getting seriously worried - I have been digital for 4 years and never had this happen - I hummed and ha'ed before switching format (from CF to xD) and now I question the reliability of this format. Needless to say it never happens when I test it out - but on the 2 occassions I have taken shots in earnest, I have lost them somewhere between the camera and the reader.

Not sure whether it is how I handle the card, the reader or something more worrying - anyone got any similar experiences and/or recommendations ?
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Old Jan 19, 2004, 10:13 PM   #6
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I discovered by accident if you rename the default path/folder (using a computer) that the Olympus C700 used to store pictures, the camera cannot see the pictures. It will create a new path/folder that is DCIM\100OLYMP the next time the camera is used to start storing pictures. I also, discovered if I rename a picture to something other than the way Olympus C700 expects, you also can’t view that picture using the camera. I would look at the disk using Windows Explorer (on a Windows computer) to see if your pictures are in a different location on the disk than the default.
This doesn't seem to be your problem since you are not seeing the more recent pictures. Since I didn't see anything that answered the problem, I just putting this comment in.
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Old Feb 15, 2004, 6:23 PM   #7
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Default C750 losing all but 1st photo for 3rd time!!!!!!!

For the 3rd occassion in the last 2 months, my c750 has lost all but the 1st photo. This time I had KNOW I previewed all of the pictures taken on 2 different days so I KNOW they "made it" to the XD card. When I went to download to computer it said something like"Camedia error" and AGAIN only the 1st of the 30 pictures transferred. It seems I have lost all 29 of the other pictures. I tried to view the card in my camera again but it instantly started to reformat the card like it was possessed or something and wouldn't respond to my menu commands to stop the reformatting so I pulled the card out during the process..... This same thing has happened to me using 2 different Xd cards.

Anyone having any TIPS ON DEALING WITH Olympus? I guess I need to start that process!!! Sorry to ramble...... ANY help would be appreciated.
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Old Feb 16, 2004, 12:32 AM   #8
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I haven't had anything like your experience in the month I've had my camera, so I don't know what causes it, but I don't think that pulling the card out while it's being accessed may be a good idea. I've heard (and that makes this hearsay only, I realize) you can permanently damage the card doing that, and if so, then perhaps the "brain" on your card got scrambled.

I used a USB cable to download just a bit after buying the camera, then switched to a reader, and I've had no problems with either one--yet.
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Old Feb 16, 2004, 3:04 PM   #9
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I have read about it, in one of the Yahoo groups, there was one with the samme problems, only the first picture was on card, and the rest was gone.

Now i'am wondring is it only one version of firmware, that are responsible for that , or is it a general problem with c-750.

So tell your camara firmware version, so that man can see if is a certain version or not.
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Old Feb 16, 2004, 3:50 PM   #10
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“Camedia error” sounds like you are downloading using Camedia.

As has already been suggested: Open Windows Explorer. Scroll down the “removable drive” Keep clicking until the pictures are displayed in the right window. They might all be there as .jpg files. If they are, Edit>Select all. Right click on one of the highlighted pictures and select “Copy”. Go to any folder you want the pictures in, right click on the folder and select “Paste”. The pictures will download from the camera to the folder.

If there is only one .jpg file in the right column then you have a problem with the camera and not the Camedia software.
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