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Default C-750 zoom questions

I've had my C-750 for about 2 weeks now and I have a couple questions.
Firstly I tend to turn my camera on and off quite frequently when on a pic talking evpedition.
I do this for two reasons : To conserve battery power between shots and also the lense has a little shake in it when its out and i don't want it to become any looser by it bouncing around when im walking.
For example in a one hour photo session I "rebooted" five times.
Which do you think would be more harmful to my camera...walking with the lense out and having it become looser or simply turning it off and on? How fast will off and on wear out the motor inside?
Obviously nobody here has had a C-750 long enough to answer these quirps but possible someone with another C-7xx or other similar cameras.
I heard the slightly shakey lense (when zoomed out) was on all 750's is this correct.It wiggles abit if i touch it......I know I know don't touch it!!!
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I am using the first C7xx (=C700) for long time and never did think about this.

It works fine, takes excellent pictures and all is okay.
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It is a tough call since people have had problems with their lens getting stuck (on older cameras).

I think of it this way...if I *know* I'm going to take another picture in a few minutes (say at a presentation), I'll let the camera go into sleep mode between pictures, but if I'm walking around I'll shut it off...it's not so much the lens tube I'm worried about...some people have had instances where walking around has caused the batteries to lose contact and "confused" the camera, even when it is in sleep mode.

I admit with my camera I have the lens tube and filter on the camera to protect the barrel...if I didn't I'd definately shut if off between pictures.

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If I'm in an area where a photo opportunity might pop up at any time, I'll leave the camera on and let it go into sleep mode. A cat nap won't hurt it! <LOL> However, if I'm not exactly sure when I'll do my next shot, and if I'm in a potentially risky area, I'll power down.

For example, I was at a zoo Sunday. When the animals were available and ops were frequent, I kept the 750 ready to shoot. When I was away from prime areas and the crowds were milling around, I powered down.

I don't worry at all about the power consumption because I get superb battery life and carry spares. (After 300+ shots at HQ, I changed to new batteries.) I also don't worry about the lens movement. As long as my images are sharp and the camera does everything I ask of it, it can rattle all it wants..

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