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tubivore Jul 17, 2006 9:57 PM

C-8080 red alert light started blinking after taking movie and a coupla stills underwater. Everything jammed. Could not turn on or off. Above water, I replaced battery and then it worked again. Camera jammed again underwater after taking a couple of stills. Worked again after I turned it off, then on. But jammed again immediately after taking another still shot - same deal - red light blinking - couldn't turn it off until I got outa the water and got the camera out of the case and removed battery back on dry land. I was diving with a divemaster who had had a C-8080 for a year and had no problems. I was using camera on P setting. I was using the Olympus u/w housing and there was no leak.

initially this happened underwater. and has happened once above water. My divemaster friend suggested it could be a firmware malfunction and recommended I download and install the firmware again. Is this possible? I have found a firmware update for the C-8080 on Olympus' site, but still unclear if this will help me. Any input on the malfunction described above will be most welcome.


Greg Chappell Jul 17, 2006 11:23 PM

Are you using some form of silica gel within the housing to keep the humidity down? From a short amount of experience in using a Canon G5 with an underwater housing in the carribeanI read the heat build-upof a digicam inside a housing can be a problem without using some form of dessicant to keep it in check.

tubivore Jul 18, 2006 7:27 AM

yes, Iwas usinga silicon dessicant pack inside the u/w housing. still that may be an angle worth considering when I take the camera to the Olympus tech staff here in Hong Kong this week. thanx

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