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arp_laszlo Jul 13, 2003 5:09 PM

c2040zoom - repair possible or is it time to start shopping?
Greetings folks,

My trusty 2 1/2-yr-old c-2040 zoom started to over-expose photos sometime in the past year (the whites became blindingly white). A few weeks ago, we noticed a little yellowing of the overall shot in sunny outdoor pics and then one fine day all outdoor pictures (sunny) were yellow, like they'd been taken using a yellow filter.

A friend more knowledgable than eye suggested that the part of the camera that actually captures the image (optical something) was faulty and that repair may or may not be possible. Is that the case? He also mentioned trying to convince Olympus to give us a 'warranty concession' for a refurb.

I don't know what Olympus support is like, but I'm thinking a new digicam may be needed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Arp Laszlo

sprh4 Apr 11, 2006 2:04 PM

I realize its beena few years, but are you still on this forum? Did you resolve the problem? I have the same problem.

steve Apr 11, 2006 2:59 PM

I'd have to say no, he isn't - he has only posted that 1 message and that was back in 2003.

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