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Default c2100 breaks again

Am I unlucky or has my camera had its day. Following on from dodgy dial and leather hand cover falling off... On saturday the zoom stopped working

I asked my local camera shops and they said it would be a send away job.. 4-6 weeks.

I gave the camera a good shake (thinking it might be a bit of dirt or summat) .. Lo and behold it stared working again...

But I am presuming it aint going to last.

Lots of screws... Would I be mad to try taking it apart and blowing away any dust/dirt ??
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TonyG, I'm sorry to hear you had problems with the zoom, but it may be something a little more simple. I had my original C-2100 repaired under warranty for the same problem. Doesn't it seem unlikely that the zoom, fully enclosed and protected by the camera housing, would just stop working? After all, haven't you compared your camera to the C-7xx series and been glad you didn't have an expanding lens that could get stuck or misaligned accidentally? Granted, it's more bulky, but I always looked on this as a plus for the 2100.

The problem with my camera turned out to be a defective (aka worn out) switch that operates the zoom. Perhaps yours is the same. I'm not advocating repairing it yourself, but I thought this might shed some light on a less costly repair option. If it were mine, I'd send it back to Olympus and request an estimate for repairs.
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