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xpprx Jun 22, 2002 5:10 PM

C3000 repair
Hello. I have a c3000 camera, and over xmas vacation, a friend dropped it and the front lens came off. there is no electrical damage (camera still turns on and views pictures) and there doesnt seem to be any internal physical damage (opened it up, everything seems to be intact). however, whenever i put it into a "take picture" mode, i gives me an error when it tries to bring out the lens (which isnt there). i was wondering if there are any websites that show the shematics for the c3000 so i can make an attempt at repairing it myself before taking it to a dealer. my warantee is already up, so there is no need to worry about voiding it. i appreciate any help i can get, and if you need me to send you pics of its condition, contact me.

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