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Default C4000Z owner: makes buying a 2nd complementary camera sense?


Hi everyone,

this is my first post, and maybe an embarassing one, but here it goes.

I got a C-4000 a few weeks ago, took it on vacation, great pictures, learning a lot with it and plan on keeping it, however being new to digital photography I've been realizing that the rules have changed and having a camera on you all the time makes taking that very special shot crucial. This is why I'm considering getting a second, smaller more portable camera to carry around at all times albeit compromising for quality compared to a shot with the C-4000Z.

I've seen that many of you own more than one camera, and would like to know your reasons.

Which model/make would make a good portable considering that I own the C-4000Z

Thanks in advance for your help.
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It's not an embarrassing question, not even an unusual one...many people do that. A friend of mine who has the C-2100 also bought one of the Olympus D-series cameras since it's smaller to carry around...but still uses the C-2100 for those important events.

Instead of my C-700 I might take my JamCam with me as I owned that one before I got the Olympus...no where near the quality of the C-700 though.
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I bought the Sony U20 for exactly that reason ... to have with me at times. It is quite rugged and extremely 'pocketable', and the price/perfomance was right. For me, the U20's small size out weighed its lack of zoom and manual control flexibility.

Of course, you can get other miniature cameras with more features/higher resolution but at significantly higher prices. Besides, that's why you have the Oly C-4000.

I believe that the U20 has been superceded by the U30, which as near as I can tell, is the same camera except that it can use Memory Stick Pro cards, which IMHO is bizzar for this camera since MS Pro cards cost nearly as much as the camera and a cheap MS 64MB card can hold ~125 pics.
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