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Default C4000Z worth $250?

I'm looking for a 4mp and up new unit. Costco has this Olympus for $250, with their (Costco's) lifetime exchange/replace warranty. Although a bit bigger than I would like, it has a ton of features that appeal, including trimming on the camera. The model is two years old, and I'm wondering if you think it's still worth it, what with SmartMedia apparently on the way out, and other improvements in newer cameras. The price is driving me nuts, since I've been looking at $200 more for those kind of features. I also like the zoom range - 32-96 in 35mm terms. But is it a dinasour? Thanks for your advice....

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I consider the C4000 an outstanding camera in terms of overall performance. It doesn't have any "sexy" features, like an incredible zoom range or super-fast lens. It just takes good pictures in a wide range of situations, and gives the user as much -- or as little -- control as he/she wants. It has the most usable ISO 400 of any small-sensor digicam I've seen (that's important to me), and autofocus works well, as long as there's enough light to hand-hold a shot at ISO 400.

I wish it had a pop-up flash, or could easily be used with an external flash, but that's my only complaint.

Smart Media cards are still readily available. I can usually find 128 MB cards for about $40.

Unless there's something specific that you want, that this camera doesn't have, it's a very good buy at the price.
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Price has driven me nuts also. I've heard it takes outstanding pictures. I just don't need another cam. It would be high on my recommend list to someone looking for a cheaper all around camera. I wouldn't worry about the smart media issue. It works fine.
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Old Apr 29, 2004, 9:41 PM   #4
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All I can say is heck yes it's worth it. This was my first digital camera. I have since moved on to DSLR, but the C4000Z takes excellent pictures. $250 is a real bargain for this camera. You will not be sorry. My wife uses it all the time. Here's a sample.
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Default Even cheaper at refurbdepot.com

If you don't mind refurbished cameras, refurbdepot.com has the C-4000 for $216.
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I also upgraded to a C4000 about 18 months ago 9from a Kodak D210), and have never regreted it for a minute.

Have take over 4000 pics in this time, check out a few examples below.
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