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Hardware-Geek Dec 10, 2002 1:48 PM

a C4040z sales question
Hello All

I was wondering how much I could get for these items that I am selling all together from my friend at work who is seriousily thinking about buying my Oly gear.

1) C4040z digicam (great condition) never failed ever.

2) ZIO usb card reader

3) generic usb card reader (I use for laptop)

4) 1 HR battery recharger with

5) 8 rechargable batteries

6) $30.oo bag

7) 128m-64m-32m memory

Thanks for your help.

P.S. this is my first post here...hello to everyone :)

gibsonpd3620 Dec 10, 2002 5:19 PM

You can sell it on Ebay and my low price would be $400. The high could go to $500. Start the auction with a reserve price and you will be able to set the low bid.

Hardware-Geek Dec 10, 2002 7:09 PM

Hi gibsonpd3620
Thanks for responding, wow, what a differance 9 months make :)

I forgot to mention that two of my memory sticks are "Oly" sticks which as you know are good for panos.

lg Dec 11, 2002 8:34 AM

For the most accurate estimate of what your stuff is worth, use eBay. You will get better prices for your items by selling them individually. Use the advanced search to look for items that have already sold (completed items). In that way, you can see what people were actually willing to pay for these items.

The listing and reserve prices vary according to how much the seller thinks they are worth, but what the buyer is willing to pay (completed items) is a more accurate assessment of fair market value. If you aren't in a rush, watch similar items for a week or two, and then set your price.

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