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Default C5060 Lense Adapter Tube - CLA-7

To any new owners of the Oly C5060, I hope some of my experience so far will help you.

If you decide to buy one of the 40.5mm filters to add to the lense tube, and later decide you want to add the CLA-7 lense tube adapter for add-on lenses, you have to remove the filter from the lense tube before using the CLA adapter. The internal CLA depth is too short to accomodate the fully extended lense tube with a filter still on it. The filter will crash into / jam up against, the internal rim of the adapter. The lense motor may not be too happy with the results...

I bought a plain UV filter right after receiving the camera (for an added measure of lense protection) and was surprised at this design situation. Would have been nice if Oly had realized this possibility and designed the CLA-7 with an extra 1/8 in of internal depth. Perhaps they could come out with an adapter ring to add this depth? How about it Oly?

ALSO, the CLA-7 functions as an effective lense tube "armor" even if you aren't using it to mount add-0n lenses right away. I did pick up an aftermarket lense cap for the CLA tube which might be a good idea if you decide to leave it on the camera for an extended time....

And last, I was disappointed at the lack of a hard copy of the manual with the camera. When I brought this to the attention of Oyl, they ofered a loose leaf copy for $10. Imagine an envelope with neary 300 loose leaf pages. Now what do you do besides maunally punch and put them in a 3 ring binder. As an alternative, I took the Camedia software disk to Kinko's (large chain of copying/printing services). They printed the manual in 8.5 by 11, sprial bound it, with plastic covers for $27.00. This was worth it to me vs printing that whole thing on my home printer. Probably would have gone thru twice that amount in ink, plus the spiral binding is nice if you want to make copies of a few pages to carry as quick reference guides.
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