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Default C50Z vs C5050Z: Recharging/memory loss/AC adapter issues

I bought a C50Z on Friday and am so far very happy with it, but ....

If you take the battery out for more than an hour, then the camera loses its memory (date, ...). Also, though you can hook up an AC adapter, the manual says you have to take the battery out first.

I don't know how long it takes to recharge the battery, but since it can't be charged up inside the camera using an AC adapter, I bet there will be times that I forget to put it back in soon enough and have to reset date etc. Also, I'm concerned that if I did buy an AC adapter, then sometime I would forget to take the battery out before connecting it, and end up killing the camera.

Is the C5050Z better on this front? Is the internal memory backup maintained for longer? Can you charge the batteries inside the camera? Can you connect the AC adapter without removing batteries?
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No, this is a fact of life for electronics. Most people have more than one set of NiMh rechargeables especially when they're out shooting a lot of pictures. You just pop in set #2 while set#1 is recharging.

When I don't intend to use the camera for a while I also have a set of Lithium batteries that I keep in the camera as they have a longer life and don't discharge on their own and keeps my prefered settings intact...but I don't use them for shooting (unless it's an emergency) as they are non-rechargeable.

I just checked my camera's manual (C-700) and there's no mention about removing the batteries before plugging in (however it may be a quirk of your camera). None of the Oly cameras can recharge batteries while in them...too much risk of blowing up a set of alkalines.

I'd suggest just getting a second set of NiMh batteries for your type of charger, and MARK them so you keep the set separate from your current set...you don't want to mix sets of NiMh batteries no more than you want to mix new and old alkalines due to the potential of damage.
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