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Default c720 vs c730

My wife and I are looking at these two cameras. I like the 730 and she likes the 720 because it's about a $100 more.
Are the new features in the 730 really going to make much of a difference? Also is there some other camera we should consider? :idea:
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Default Go with the C-730, much better...

The C720 has had some of the features removed that the C700 had (like manual focus, external flash socket, sound in movies, reduced zoom, etc.).

Other than the extra megapixel, the older C-700 was a better camera.

BUT the C-730 has added those features back again, so today I'd definately recommend the C-730.

Actually, I only bought my C-700 three months ago (it was no longer manufactured at the time but it was a better camera than the C-720). Now I wished I had waited the two months for the C-730.

Getting the best price is important, however it is more important with computer equipment and cameras not to restrict yourself on features that you can get for a little more money.

- If you're interested, there's a Yahoo group that's dedicated to the C-700/720/730 (Oly_C-700) at:
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Forget about the C720, I owned a C720 for 2 months and sold it to get a C730. The C720 has too many hot pixels when taking long exposures nite shots which really turns me off and the EVF is grainy. The C730 has too many improvement over the C720 in features and pic quality. It can also record unlimited movie with sound. I am now a happy C730 owner and having fun with it.
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Old Nov 9, 2002, 11:27 PM   #4
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I own both a C-700 & a C-730 and test drove the C-720 for a few days. The C-720 image just isn't up to par with the other two models - zooms are weaker and the images look fuzzy. I really tried to like the C-720 becasue it was a bout $125 cheaper at SAMS, but I couldn't manage it. I think in addition to dummying down the zoom, Olympus somehow dummied down the processor. My broter is going to buy my C-700, I'm enjoying the C-730 lareger pixel size with my Epson 2200 printer. I liked the software for the C-700 a lot better than the new Camedia software with the C-730, but I'm learning PhotoShop Elements so this should be a moot point soon. I got many GREAT pics withe C-700, and starting to get good results with my C-730 as I get used to the new features. Best - john
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Go for the 730.
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Default thanks for the info

thanks that helps make our decision.
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