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Default C730 SDS

Two questions ... excuse my ignorance ...

1) What is an IS?

2) My one month old C730 stopped working. I was zooming in on a subject and the lens froze in the out position. Is this SDS? I was experiencing focusing problems withthe subject (camera was mounted on a tripod and facing the ground where I placed an old photo I wanted to shoot). It keep going out of focus so I was lowering and raising the tripod going in and out of macro mode and all of a sudden it froze. I was able to view and upload the few pics I had on my new memory card (Olympus XD 256), however, the viewfinder and LCD is blank in any shooting mode. I have tried removing the batteries, putting in a fresh set, changing memory card, all to no avail. Any thoughts???
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Default IS and SDS

Lew -

IS is "Image Stabization". This is one of the principle differences between the Oly. 2100 (AKA "UZI") and the C-7X0 series. It reduced small motion blur (caused by hand shake) at the longer end of zoom range of the 2100. The IS system on the 2100 was licensed from Canon but for any number of reasons, not included on any of the newer Oly's.

With respect to you C-730, I feel you pain. Your situation sounds like an SDS. I usually associate SDS in cameras with a common underlying problem but I have not heard of any similar to this with the C-730. You said you took the batteries out and put fresh ones in. That would be my first quick fix. Another is to leave the batteries out for 24 hours to allow the system to reset to default. Barring other suggestions, it's time to call Olympus. Tell them that you have already left the batteries out for 24 hours and installed freshly charged ones. Apparently, this is Oly's "first line of defense" when someone calls in with a dead camera report thus putting you in a 24 hour wait mode.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing getting your camera back up and running.

Paul in NoVA
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Please don't double post, I just answered your question in your other post:

IS or Image Stabilization is a feature which corrects for camera shake. It's featured in cameras like the Oly C-2100, Canon Pro IS series, and the Panasonic DMC-FZ1. I'd post a link to show you how it works, but it seems to have been taken down. Hopefully they aren't abandoning it.

As for your problem, did you try taking the batteries out for a while? Note that if you take the batteries out close to an hour your presets may be lost, but you may have to take have this happen and leave the batteries out to fix the problem. If not, it will mean a trip to Olympus.

SDS was a problem with the C-2100, but was cured after that model...it was a glitch with a weak component which converted the voltage to a higher voltage...when the battery voltage was too low and you tried to write to the memory, that component would die because it couldn't do its job and the camera would be dead.
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