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Default C750UZ - Zoom

Would like to find out about the specs of 10X zoom for C750.
Reviews and ads claim that C750 zoom is capable of 38mm
to 380mm (35mm) equivalent.

I compared the output of my old Canon 630 with 50-200mm zoom
against C750. I would have thought I would get bigger and more
detailed zoomed in shots with my C750. I am disppointed that it did no better than my Canon 50- 200mm lens. Is C750 really
380mm equivalent? My 'feel' is that is it more like a 7X rather
than 10X.

Can anyone explain this disparity? Has anyone else shared the
same experience? Is this problem isolated to Olympus or
is this a common phenomena with all digicams.

Thanks and look forward to your thoughts.
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I believe 10x is referring to 10 times what it is in wide angle, the 38-380mm spec is correct, and if you convert it back to power (380/50) it turns out to be 7.6x because we're really zooming in 10x into a 0.76x (38/50) view... It still should have done almost twice the magnification of your 200mm lens. If it is not enough for your needs, however, there are a few good 1.7x-1.9x teleconverters that will extend your reach.

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Thanks Sean for the brief explanation.

Yes, you are quite right about the 10X. 10x is from wide. More specifically, my question should be is it really a 380mm equivalent.

I have tested the 3rd party 2X teleconverters. Very poor quality.
Blur around the picture fringe. Going by Olympus claims on 380mm,
I should be getting 760mm with the 2x teleconverter. But it certainly does not 'feel' like 760mm.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Sean. Appreciated,
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Capricorn, check out the Add-On Lenses forums for comparisons of the available teleconverter lenses available for your camera. In terms of the sharpest focus, the least light loss, and lowest chromatic aberration, I'd choose either the TCON-1.7 or the old B300 Olympus lenses.
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