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Default Camedia C770 Ultra Zoom - take it or leave it?

Hi there
I am about to buy my first digital camera but consider myself pretty ignorant in these matters.
Nevertheless, based on the description I have fallen in love with the new Camedia C770 UZ.

Has anyone had a chance to try it out?

What is it like compared to other digital cams in the same price range?

Is it advisable to have electronic image stabilisation if you use 10x zoom? (Yes, I do drink a lot of coffee...)

What about the speed (start-up, zoom etc.) before and between mages?

Has anyone experienced auto focusing problems?

Hope that somebody wants to share their experiences

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Although I have the C-750, I'm sure they are pretty similar in usage. It sounds like you are already aware of the main concerns of using this type of camera.

I also suffer from kind of shakey hands, so I tend to bring a tripod with me whenever possible. Otherwise, you have to respect the 10x zoom and only hand hold it in very bright daylight, where you are up around 1/400 sec or shorter. Otherwise, you'll be disappointed with many pics.

Low light is another concern. Particularly, since the lens speed gets slower as you zoom, you will find you must stick in the 1x to 3x area when indoors or low light, to get easy focus or shoot without flash.

If this is your first digital, you'll also be getting used to the long time delay from shutter press to picture taken. The best advice is to always use the half press to get focus locked and exposure set and then its relatively fast to snap the picture. This isn't always easy to do since the shutter button is pretty touchy.

You'll find a definate learning curve. I can't say that any other camera would be better. Even some of the good 3x cameras, like the Canon S-50, still have a learning curve to take good pics. IS would be great, but it seems like every camera that has it, also has some other faults. I went with Olympus because of the high detail of the pictures, and small size of the camera compared to other 10x cameras.

Good luck, hope this helps.
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