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I put a CF card that I have been using as a "floppy" to transfer files between computers into my E20...recognized it OK...then put it in my CP950...recognized it OK. Whoopee! I feel save moving cards between cameras now. However, I will NOT put the card in one camera with picture files from the other. I'm not that brave...yet. I'll clean the card first.
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Originally Posted by NHL
An MP3 player is only a 'reader'! ie it plays, but it doesn't record... Put that write protect sticker on the SM card and the player will still work. It's only when one plugs the player to the PC (via a USB) then it becomes a drive... and then if one formatted the card (ie fat-32 in most Window OS), then there goes the card! It's not the MP3 player fault... Operator error mostly ops: ops: ops:

Copy songs over from a camera formatted card is perfectly kosher... Or format the card from DOS (if anyone remember this) to fix it. Remember theses flash cards are supposed to be multimedia, and not just camera specific! Anyone try them with their GPS or PDA? (really good for showing the pictures BTW) :lol: :lol: :lol:
1) An MP3 player isn't only a reader...how do the songs get on the card in the first place, it writes them to the card (hooked up to the computer).

2) Many MP3 players "initialize" the card first before writing to it for the first time if the card isn't in the player's format...this initialization makes the card unusable in a camera. It is done without user intervention, so it's not "operator error". From http://www.butterflymedia.com/FAQ-rev3.HTM

"I use the SmartMedia Cards in my Diamond RIO MP3 Player. But I cannot read/write the SmartMedia any more in the Card Reader. Why?
The Diamond RIO MP3 players use a Proprietary format when they first initialize the SmartMedia Cards. Digital cameras or other devices cannot recognize this format. Please consult the user's manual of Diamond RIO MP3 Player for further information."

3) To fix the problem there is software to reformat the card back to a format that can be used in the camera, but use the card in that particular MP3 player again to write songs to it and you have to go through this again.

4) PDA designers were smart enough to keep the FAT format to make the cards compatible with laptops, PCs, etc. BTW, you were not to know this but I'm secretary of a PDA user group and know all about them.
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OOPs, That was not very smart from Rio! ops:

It really makes them incompatible with anything then including uploading/downloading from a MindStor and away from the computer like my eDigital! That makes them an exception and not the rule like the sucesses people are having here...
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