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Default Can,t format SmartMedia card in C-3000

I have a smart media card, 128 MEG that I was using in my MP3 player and now wan to use in my C-3000 camera. The problem is the camera will not format the card, when I try to format the card iit just says there is an error and the camera shuts off. Is there any way to get the card reformatted. Also my card reader will not recognize the card anymore, so I cant format it in my PC.
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this may sound stupid.. but thats happened to me with a memory card it was not for mp3 player but it was a smart memory card.. new batteries solved the problem for me..
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Jim, Definitely take the batteries out and reboot the camera with the card in it. My Fuji 4700 did that a few times with Smartmedia and it worked.
Haven't had that problem with CP4500 and compact flash though.
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Came across a post on this problem in this Forum. Apparently the MP3 player and cam formats are incompatible (16/32bit FAT?). Sounds horrendous, but apparently somebody has written a prog. to recover an unformatable card. BUT overall advice was DON'T use cam cards in MP3 players and always re-format in the cam. Sorry don't remember where it was, but it's here with the program link somewhere.]

OK so here it is in Steve's Software links (Card wipe) but checkout the other card stuff as well:



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