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T-Rave Sep 19, 2002 8:17 PM

Canon C-700 questions
Hey everyone. I'm new here.

I recently bought a Canon Camedia C-700 at Sears for $479. I opted for this camera because I wanted the look, feel, and features of a professional SLR camera.

I don't mind that it's a 2.1 MP camera because it's my understanding in the world of digicams that 2.1 is just fine if the camera has good optics and features. Plus I don't really think I'll need anything other than an 8x10 print out. I'll mainly be taking pictures of my wife and daughter as well as those "everyday life" things. I'd also like to start shooting wildlife as well. That's why I also like the 10x zoom, man is it nice!

Anyway to the questions:

I did a lens-cap-on pixel test and discovered I have one green pixel that's nearly always in the picture. I can't always see it and believe sometimes it's not even there. I'm not completely sure why it's showing up sometimes and other times not. I've read many posts in this forum about hot/dead pixels but I'm still a bit confused about the issue with my C-700. There is also a green pixel on the lcd display that appears to be permanent. No biggie there but the one in the final picture is annoying.

Something else I noticed along with the green pixel is a multidude of faint red pixels in the black lens-cap-on test. Is this normal? I've taken about 85 pictures and 8 ten to fifteen second movies. I noticed today that the battery indicator came on. Shouldn't the lithium ion batteries that came with the camera have lasted longer than this. As a note I didn't have the LCD on when taking pictures and only used the flash in half of them. And I did download all my pictures to the computer using the camera. I still think the batteries should have lasted longer. I read some posts about people getting 300 plus pictures before changing batteries.

Is this camera defective in any way?

I noticed on Olympus's Emporium website that they have a refurbished C-700 for $329. I read on some posts that the refurbs could have newer CCDs with no hot/dead pixel problems and updtated firmware. Should I mine back to Sears and order the refurb? Was the $479 I paid too high?

Thanks for any and all feedback.

Mike_PEAT Sep 21, 2002 7:11 AM

First off, if it's a Camedia C700 it's an Olympus, not a Canon.

To do a proper hot pixel test, check out

$479 is a little on the high side...I just bought my C700 last month for $438 (after converting from Canadian dollars).

As for batteries, I only use NiMh rechargeables (I keep a set of Lithiums for emergencies)...1800mAh or better is best.

T-Rave Sep 23, 2002 7:37 AM

Yeah, I don't know why I keep doing that except that I was considering a Canon digicam at the time I got the C-700.

I was mistaken about the batteries as well. It seems that battery indication on the camera may be faulty because the Lithiums in it are still going strong. Nevertheless I ordered a refurb from Olympus.

For those of you who owned a retail C-700 and then got a refurb, did you notice whether or not there was less noise in your pictures with the refurb?

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