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Default Compact companion to UZI?

Hi all,
I'm a satisfied user of Olympus C-2100UZ.
But I feel there are limits of using it because of it's bulky size and weight. I like hiking and need a compact brother of my UZI to carry it everywhere. My budget is quite tight but I need something better than a low end compact. I'm prepared to buy a second hand one.
My preference is (in order of priority):
1. reasonable size and weight, camera should fit in a bigger pocket
2. good lens (concerning speed and sharpness), very good reviews
3. manual controls (minimum is aperture priority)
4. good battery life
5. wide angle lens, preferably less than 35mm, no super zoom required
6. good macro mode
7. 3-4 megapixel, nothing more necessary
8. preferable power source is AA baterries, 4 AA acceptible, 2 AA better
9. Olympus brand (not required, but perefered because of Smartmedia compatibility, menu similarity etc.)
I've got some info about these cameras (which seem to comply to most of the above requirements) so far:
Olympus C-3040, C-40 (D-40 in US), C-4000, C-4040
Nikon 995, 4500

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I recommend the C-4000. It has AA cells, a wide angle equivalent of 32mm, an excellent super macro mode. It is now sold at a ridiculously low price. I have been using it for 1 1/2 years with constantly good results. The lens is very sharp. It can share memory cards and batteries with your UZI.

There is a very good and affordable solution for lens protection, which also makes the camera more pocketable:


Regards, Herbert
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 1:42 AM   #3
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Danke schön Herbert
I like C-4000's good lens but C-40 is so small and cute C-3040 and 4040 have even better (brighter) lens. Another thing is availability of all those here in Prague, which may be the final condition for a decision.
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Old Apr 21, 2004, 9:04 AM   #4
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I’ve owned and thoroughly enjoyed my C2100UZ for 3 years. However I experienced the same frustration not being able to easily pack it along while biking, skiing, etc.

After some research I wound up with a 2 meg Canon A60 as an “auxiliary” camera. So far I’m delighted. It’s compact (fits easily in a shirt pocket), image quality comparable to the UZI, has a full complement of manual controls (also programmed auto…), uses inexpensive CF media, and is powered by AA batteries so it can share NiMH rechargables with the UZI. Battery life is outstanding – can shoot 300+ images on a single set of NiMH cells. The A60’s menus are fairly intuitive – switching back and forth between the Olympus and Canon has not been a problem

The A60 is priced right – got mine for $147 on-line. A couple 128 meg CF cards were $19 each after rebates at Office Max.

Incidentally the A60 (also it’s identical except 3 meg sister the A70) comes with Photo Stitch software - a slick and easy to use panorama function. It’s like having an ultra wide angle lens at no cost.
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Old Apr 21, 2004, 8:18 PM   #5
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I'd have to agree with Herbert. The C4000 seems to be a good complement to the UZI. I use the super macro feature quite often.

C2100, C4000, TCON-17
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Old Apr 22, 2004, 5:18 AM   #6
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panasonic fz-10 :lol:

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If you're like me, the ability to take photos in total darkness is a feature I wouldn't want to lose! The A70 would probably be my choice, because of the autofocus assist lamp!
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