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Bilbo99 Jul 22, 2002 12:43 PM

D-40 overexposure.......more like whiteout
I took my new D-40 hiking with me up in Northern California to a place called Mossbrea Falls. Its near the town of Dunsmuir. The falls are absolutely awesome. I am a begginer photog.

On a previous trip I had lugged my 35mm SLR, tripod, lenses etc...up to this beatiful place. Got some great shots, especially some great extended shutter time shots that made the falls look very neat. My hope this last time was to get my D-40 to do the same thing.

I hoped wrong. I tried starting with Shutter Priority at a 1 second shutter. Whiteout! The lighting was challenging with bright light filtering thru trees and reflections off rocks and water but my 35 handled it fine. I tried full manual but couldnt get the appature high enough to limit the amount of light to avoid overexposure. With my 35mm if I used a, say 3 sec exposure, the apature would be f22. I couldnt get my D-40 past f8! Every combo I tried was everexposed. Either partially with severe hotspots or completely where the whole frame is grayed out.

Help!!! Purpose of spending for the D-40 was for its manual controls. By the way, camera was mounted on small tripod and I used the remote. Thanks

Bilbo99 Jul 25, 2002 9:24 PM


TheDarkfinder Jul 26, 2002 10:27 AM

white out
Mutli- lighting shots are always a problem. If you leave an link to you photo so i can see what you are talkin about. As for settings what was you iso? If the picture was way overexposure kick up the f to 8 the iso to 100. You can not really use an fstop of film to digital. I understand what you want to do in capture the motion of the water. I will try to take and few shot with the oly c-3020 and post them later. I don't have a water fall but I will try to do sometn=hing like it

TheDarkfinder Jul 26, 2002 11:10 AM

over exposure
Hi I took some test shots and ended up with what you probibly got. The shot is just way to long. Your SLR is just to much camera for the puny comsusumer camers we got. I was looking at the cannon d60 it was suppost to be really good in the fstop setting. from .5 tp 18 I think. With a price of $2199, it better say yes sir too.
I will look around for soft ware that can combine two photos into one.

Bilbo99 Jul 26, 2002 11:41 AM

Thanks for the reply Dark. I guess digitals of the non SLR variety, despite having "manual" controls, are limited in the types of exposures they can produce. I read somewhere else that a better way would be to take multiple shots, all much shorter shutter times, and stitch them together. Thanks

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