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Default Dazzle Reader Problem or C750?

On 3 separate occasions, I have had problems losing photos from my c750, Olympus Xd card during the download process. (Pictures were fine during preview.) Only the 1st picture transfers to my computer; the rest are lost...unable to be viewed on computer or camera. I have a Dazzle reader that reads the Olympus Smart Media card (Used for our other Olympus camera) & the Xd cards.

Has anyone had problems with the Dazzle product?

Any tips on determining if it is a camera or a reader problem?

The problem has occured using 2 different Xd cards, so I don't think it is a Xd card problem. As others recommended, I always reformat the card in the camera after every download. I have heard of 1 other C750 owner having the same problem.

Thanks for your help!
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As I noted elsewhere, I've not experienced that problem, yet, --but I am using an Olympus card reader, so perhaps your problem is in the reader, as you mentioned. What software are you using to download, Windows Explorer or something dedicated?
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I have a Fuji 256M card and was using a Dazzle xD/SM reader and didn't have any problems with downloads. Then I switched to a Dazzle 10in1 USB 2.0 reader and initially had some problems with files that seemingly copied in Explorer, but were corrupted. I checked and cleaned the contacts on both the card and reader and it seemed to read fine after that. I never even installed the Camedia software.

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Thanks for responding. I was trying to download to my Camedia 4.1 software where I could view only the one file. When opened the file through Windows Explorer I could at least see all of the jpg file icons but when I tried to open them it said, " file corrupt & unreadable. Pls run chkdsk."

1. If I run chkdsk will it delete the corrupt files?

2. Any other way to save these corrupt files?

3. Kuoh, How do you clean the card and reader? How often?

4. Kuoh, I used my camera for 3 mos. with no problem. How long have you gone without a problem since you cleaned the card & reader?

Sorry for repeating some of these questions from my other post.

Thank you so much to all of you for trying to help. I've lost photos from 2 very special occasions so I am anxious to resolve this problem. I e-mailed my problem to Olympus yesterday; I'll let you know what they have to say about it.
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fyi-Talked to Olympus cust serv rep. He said it since I am reformating the card each time it is likely the camera giving me the problem not the reader. So I will be sending it in for repairs.
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