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Default Difference between SPOT meter vs. SPOT focus?

As the title implies. Is there a difference between the two modes, or are they the same? If they are different, then does that mean that using SPOT AF still uses centre-weighted metering?


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Spot focus refers to the part of the frame used to focus the lens...spot metering refers to the part of the frame used to set your exposure values.

Your C4000 has two focus modes...iESP which bases the focus on the entire frame (and thus possible to confuse the camera if there are vast differences in different parts of the frame) whereas spot focus just uses the AF target mark in the center of the frame...

There are three exposure modes...Digital ESP metering (which is center weighted so it uses the entire frame but gives more emphasis to the center), spot metering where it meters only within the AF target mark (so you can point to a certain spot to meter for it, hold the button halfway down, then recompose the shot), or Multi-metering which is kind of complex but lets you meter seperately up to eight areas in your shot then when you take the picture it averages all of the areas that you metered.

I keep my camera set on ESP metering and spot focus.

Hope that helps...lots more technical advise on the way from all the smarter folks, I bet.
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Default spot metering vs. spot focus


I assume you're asking about your c-4000, which is what I also have.

As I understand it, spot focus focuses on the picture within the AF target mark. The alternative is iESP with fouses based on the entire picture on the screen, so that you can focus even if the subject is not in the center of the screen. I believe the spot focus is especially handy when you're photographing something like a sporting event where there are a lot of players running around and you want to make sure the subject is in focus. This feature is available through the menu mode. (See page 60 in the manual)

Spot metering on the other hand follows the same concept as spot focus, but you're now measuring the light for exposure. In spot metering the exposure in determined by metering within the AF mark. This is useful when the subject may in different light than the area around it. Digital ESP meters not only the center of the frame but areas around it to determince optimal exposure. This feature is available via the lower of the two buttons between the viewfinder and the arrow pad. (See page 82 in the manual)

I'm a newbie at this, I've had my c-4000 since Christmas so I'm still learning. So if I'm wrong on something somebody please correct me. I'm having a ball learning this camera though and it takes great pictures.

Bill W.
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Some cameras only have spot metering, while other cameras have both (the C-700 only has spot metering, while the C-730 has spot metering and spot focusing).
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Thanks fellas,

I thought Olympus was off their rocker when they designed this.

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The benefit of having both is for the situation where you don't want the subject to have the same exposure setting as the rest of the picture. For example, if you are taking a picture of extemely backlit trees for effect, you wouldn't want to properly expose the trees. In this instance, you would focus on the trees, and set the proper exposure for the background.
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