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Default EVF on c-750

Haven't decided to purchase yet. Do people like the EVF on the c-750 ? It seems scary somehow with this bright sunlight problem I 've been hearing
about. And how do you see anything at night ?
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Hello, the last week I went out to decide if buy C750: I tried its EVF and I found it quite unreal...colours too strong, jerky images...then I chose C5050. Now, if I try to shoot using c5050's LCD as a viewfinder in dark light conditions I find it very difficult, so I'm happy to have an optical viewfinder to see through and not to have bought C750!
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To be candid, those are pretty weak arguements...colours being too strong, the viewfinder is only a guide to see what the scene is. Jerky movements, you're shooting still pictures, not video...even when in video mode the output is smooth and the jerky viewfinder is a minor inconvience.

To me having the parallax error of the separate optical viewfinder is far worse...if the cameras were SLRs optical viewfinder is great. As well, to have to give up the ultra zoom to have a non-EVF viewfinder...for me that's too much to give up! Also if you want to add other lenses the non-TTL optical viewfinder is useless!

BTW, I own a C-700...I did look at some of the C-40x0 cameras with optical viewfinders before I bought, but rejected them outright.
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Old Sep 18, 2003, 11:23 AM   #4
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Ok ok, I'm a newbie and I can only tell the facts of my recent experience...but you can't deny you got serious troubles in shooting pics in low light conditions. You're gonna guess in composing your pic. To me this is worse than have a parallax error. Moreover, I didn't find any optics to improve c5050 but a 1,5X magnifier...I don't find this very useful. Still photos, yes, but what can you do if shooting at fast moving objects such as in sport events?
Maybe the question is: doI need a great 10x zoom camera or a 5 Mp camera with more solid body and a few one touch-commands - that is more similar to those "professional" digital cameras than C750?
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I just ordered the C750 after a test drive at a local computer store. I was very impressed with the zoom optics and clear pictures. I knew the limits of low light shooting for the c750 however I wanted the big zoom for other photo taken opportunities. I will not give up my C4040 becuase like the c5050 it is great for low light shooting.
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