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GlenM Jul 9, 2002 11:27 PM

Exposure Meter

I really need some help please. I purchased an E-100-RS several months ago, and I'm having a little trouble changing over from 35mm film to digital. I hope someone can help me out on some ???s
. In low light situations, with the selector knob on M, how do you know if your at the right exposure level. The meter does not seem to be in sinc. with the available light. (see photos below)
At 16 sec. light meter reads 0.0 (Which should be right on), but it's overexposed I started stepping down and at, 10 sec, I got to -3.0 on the light meter (still over exposed) Finally at around 2.0 sec. photo was about the same as the light in the room.
Between 10 sec shutter and 2 sec How do you know what shudder speed if you only have time for 1 possibly 2 quick shots?

Also in P mode photos come out too bright in day light at ISO 100, I usualy have to have the light meter between -0.3 to -1.0 for them to come out right.Maybe someone knows of a good book that can help me with the change over from film.
Please excuse bad pictures in a hurry.

Over X

Right X

GlenM Jul 13, 2002 1:49 AM

OK, I'll quit babbling but:
After doing some reading (which I should have done first) I found out that what I thought was a light meter, is in fact an Aperture Differencial. If I'm reading this right, it takes your selected F-stop and Shutter Speed, and compares them with what the camera software thinks is the right exposure.
Is it possible that this could not be set right. I don't see any way to adjust this setting. It seems that all of my photos come out over exposed, on all settings P-M.
Also all of my pictures have 14 white dots in them (there were 3 when the camera was new), always in the same place. I can fix them up in photoshop but it's kinda a pain.

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