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Antoni Apr 22, 2004 9:00 PM

hard choise
I don't know why , but since the first time, when i realized that I like photography, I have become a fan of Olympus.
Anyway, I have no expierence in photography, but I want to start and I'm looking for my first camera.I would like to do pics in the nature, mainly landscapes and wild life, but my budget is very low, so I can afford to spend 200-220 for a good camera.I have been looking for Oly C4000Z, Oly Stylus 300 and 400(but they have not enough big zoom) and C 750,(but after the topic for dead pixels I don't know :? )>So advice me please, which is better or to go for Canon A80 or Fuji S5000UZ.I'm keen only for a pics quality and a good zoom that will allow me to make pics in the nature)(landscaps and wild life)
Thank you very much in advance!

aliquis Apr 23, 2004 11:14 AM

A80 probably take way better pictures but the s5000 have 10x zoom instead of 3x. So I don't understand how you should be able to compare them.

jkusmier Apr 23, 2004 1:25 PM

Even though the S500 also has an AF-assist lamp, the A80 should perform better in lowlight because there's a lot less glass in its 3x lens compared to the S5000's 10x lens. They are very different cameras - the A80 is more versatile, but I should think the S5000 would produce better wildlife pics. Note the S5000 is only 3Mp, while the A80 is 4Mp. My brother is very happy w/ his A80 - but the S5000 has gotten good reviews. Note, however, that Fuji's JPEG compression is more aggresive than most manufacturers.

Antoni Apr 23, 2004 7:42 PM

Thank you!
But what do you think about OLy C4000Z or Oly C740?Could you please recomend me, which is probably the best camera in this price range(200-220($340)) with good zoom at least 6 times and a good pics quality,because I'm really confused :oops:
Thank you in advance!

aliquis Apr 24, 2004 4:48 AM

Isn't c-760 the c-740 upgrade?
Ylou can find the c-760 on this swedish webpage (althought you will be possible to see/understand the facts and the test images).

- got larger ccd and therefor probably less noise.
- starts of at 32mm wide where the c-760 starts at 42, c-740 might be 38.
- seems like that f-number ends at 11 for the c-4000, i think it's 8 on the c-760.
- (they also have a test of the c-750)

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