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davestrother Nov 15, 2002 9:23 AM

has anyone used the C730UZ for action photography

I'm think ing of buying a C730 to use for photographing events such as motor racing and air shows.
One camera shop told me that it was not suitable because there was too much delay between pressing the shutter release and the image being stored and hence the framing of the shot would not be sufficiently accurate.

Has anyone got any experience of using the C730 for action shots - what are your experiences?


Sanpete Nov 15, 2002 1:16 PM

I'm considering the C-730 as well, and have been looking into its action capabilities. Haven't found anything definitive yet. There are a few shots here of birds in flight, which the photographer said he got by panning while prefocussing (pressing the shutter buttin half way) before snapping the shot.

The prefocus shutter lag on this camera is probably fairly usable. The Fuji S602 has some features and specs that might suit it to action a little more than the C-730. It has a "last 5" continuous shooting mode that takes a bunch of shots at high speed until you take your finger off the shetter release, and then it saves the last five shots. The screen/EVF doesn't freeze or blank out as much as the C-730s, according to a guy who has both cameras. He says that the prefocus lag is about the same in the cameras as far as he can tell. He thinks the S602 focusses a little faster. The C-730 also has a good burst mode feature, but I think it's a little harder to track the subject during the burst of shots.

If you really need the zoom, then you should probably try the C-730 (any adapter you use to stretch the zoom on the Fuji can be used to even greater effect on the C-730, of course). But if the zoom is not the main concern, I'd try the Fuji S602 first. You might also want to look into the Sony F707/717, which has some good specs for action, or the Minolta 7i. If you don't mind the extra risk involved in buying refurbed equipment you should also have a look at the discontinued Olympus C-2100 and E-100. Not high in pixel counts, but have some good features for action shots.

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