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Default Hello, Got the E450 for xmas last year

I'm still trying to get to grips of it, but I haven't used it in ages.

It seems to be a little slow on taking pictures and sometimes doesn't focus properly, what can I do to make it focus? Also sometimes when the flash goes off it goes off so many times and this is incedibly off-putting when trying to take a picture, basically I'd just like some general help or advice on how to use this camera as I would love to take some shots without having to worry about it not focusing and so on.

Any tutorial links would be of great help.

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Hi: You should probably move this question to the Olympus DSLR forum a little further down the page of Steven's Digicams. The E-series cameras are digital SLR cameras. You will a lot of knowledgeable users there who can offer advice. (you have posted this in the Point & shoot section. You should have better responses in the dslr section. good luck.)
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i got my Olympus 6,5 years ago (semiprofessional)
4 megapixels and zoom 40
yeah it's a little slow
but it'll live a long life trust me
free image editor
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Like Steve said, wrong forum for a dSLR. That said though, yep under low light as you find indoors the Oly E series are slow to get focus lock (IMHO). If you have 'flash focus assist' turned on then it strobes the flash while searching for a focus lock also.

To help focus indoors use some extra lighting on the subject, or if that's not possible try to focus on any part of the subject that has a sharp contrasting edge to it, as it helps the focus system.

I bought a Metz 48 AF-1 flash for my Oly. That's been a great thing for indoor shooting, but doesn't change focusing speed much.

(as an aside, the Metz 48 AF-1 works in RC mode on my P&S Oly Tough TG-810
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