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divco-honda Aug 5, 2003 7:36 PM

Help! Bought 5400!
Bought Nikon 5400 a week ago.
Liked many features of 5050 better but chose the
Nikon strickly because of 28mm! Like wide angle!
Thought wider, better over speed of 35mm 1.8.
Plus no fumling with and expense of wide angle adapter.
Pleased with most aspects of camera.
But! very disappointed with puny display screen and
total inaccuracy of optical viewfinder!
What good is a camera you can't see throught?
Biases aside, I don't care about brands.
Has anyone bought their Olympus 5050 recently, since the 5400 has be out, and having given serious consideration to the Nikon 5400, chose the 5050!
Conversly, has anyone who has owned a 5050 have any
negative coments about this camera?
Help! Only a few days left to consider exchange!


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