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Default Help - Looking at Buying a Digicam


I am new to digi-photog, but am a former high school darkroom junkie. I got out of photography during college and early married life, and now, 20+ years later want to get back into it with a digi-cam. I started by purchasing a mini-dv camcorder with a DSC feature - fine for quick pics, but lousy reproduction at 640X480.

So - I have had my hands on three Olys lately (and I am a died in the wool Nikon fan) - the 720, 730, and 4000z. I found the 720 not quite up to par feature-wise, liked the features in the 730, but couldn't get a decent snap at full zoom (no stabilizer I understand), and love the full-feature set of the 4000z - but only 3X zoom.

So - any comments/inputs/suggestions are welcome. I'll be taking my time to buy - probably not until after christmas and perhaps even spring (price drops are notorious around march-april).

Thanks for your help. ...jww
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Default Suggestion: check out the C2100

If you want digital image stabilization, the C2100 has a 10x optical zoom. It's no longer being produced, but refurbs are available for about $350...
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Old Oct 14, 2002, 5:09 PM   #3
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:P like 'lg', I too have the Oly C2100 (nickname: uzi).
I really love this camera. I've hardly put it down since I got it about a year ago.

As it was discontinued some time ago, it's getting increasingly harder to find one. Other owners agree that if you do, don't hesitate.

True - it is a 2.1 mp camera but if you don't intend to make humungous enlargements, it is a simply wonderful beast!

The stabilized zoom is terrific.
Recently, I began shooting exclusively in black and white. The shots are so nice - very artsy.

Of course, if you are thinking of a more professional level of camera, it might be better for you to investigate a 4 or 5 megapixel model. But that means that you'll need 1 or 2 128 meg cards. It all depends on what resolution you'll probably be using. Even my 128 meg cards seem to fill up quickly when I'm shooting in burst mode.

Okay, enough propoganda, lol. Good luck with your decision

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Thx for the responses - I am not interested in the 2100 - I really do want the higher pixel count. I am leaning towards the c4000 for that reason alone.

Anyone know how the optic enhancements work on Olympus cameras? I know that with the Coolpix you just screw on the lens (wide or telephoto) and shoot. What would I need for wide and telephoto on a c4K?

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Default Which Camera

I have owned 5 different Olympus cameras and still have the C3000Z and the C4040Z. I will be given a 5X teleconverter for my birthday in November and I will let you know the results.
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